Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

What is Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor?

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor; It is a one or more heat resistant sensor on the exhaust system to prevent fuel consumption in new vehicles, to control diesel particulate filter, catalytic converter, turbocharger pressure, to contribute to exhaust emission rate.

It is resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses.The turbocharging catalytic converter aims to protect the particulate filter (3-way, NOx storage, SCR or diesel-oxidation catalytic converter). Check the particulate filter and the recovery of the unburned gas. It communicates with the engine brain (ECU) on the Exhaust Temperature. You can contact us about the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

Fault Codes for Main Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor:

P2033 Exhaust Gas Temperature EGT Sensor Circuit High Sequence 1 Sensor 2

P244C: Particulate Filter Very low exhaust Temperature for Regeneration (Bank 1)

P244D: Very High Exhaust Temperature for Particle Filter Regeneration (Bank 1)

P2458: Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Time

P2459: Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Frequency

P0236, Turbo Charging Pressure Sensor A Performance

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