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What is Diesel Particulate Filter? Developing environmentally friendly mechanical technologies should in fact be the main task of humanity. ili? Developed specifically to prevent the pollution caused by fuel from damaging the environment and nature. Let us examine briefly together. The known diesel particulate filter with the abbreviation (DPF) is used to filter the gas from the exhaust of the diesel vehicles, as the name suggests. As it is known, the exhaust emission (CO) ratio must remain within the legal limits, and it is imperative that the equipment to provide this should be at a professional level. Therefore, this special filter, which is exposed to a certain degree of high temperature, is produced from an alloy called Silicon Carbide which provides maximum durability. Diesel Particulate Filter Performs Many Functions Simultaneously This particular filter not only prevents carbon monoxide damages. It also filters particles in hydrocarbon (HC) Gas. Therefore, we can say that the diesel particle filter has a multi-purpose task. Of course, if we add to the external environment to prevent spraying from the exhaust to a multifunctional filter structure in itself is encountered. The outer part of the diesel particle filter produced from alloy called noble metal provides emission regulation via pre-catalytic converter and another converter. Diesel Particulate Filter Self Cleaning Feature What is a durable filter that can be used for a very long time considering a large amount of gas outlets? The diesel particle filter comes to mind first. Because some of the brands of this filter has a self-cleaning feature. Briefly designed as 4 main sections; Coated Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure pipes Front Catalytic Converter (see What is a Catalytic Converter?) Equipped with main diesel Oxidation Catalytic Converter Systems. Let's make a very important reminder at this point. It should be kept in mind that the accumulation of substances such as Sulfur, Phosphorus, Ash and Sand in the filter will decrease the performance of the filter in a way that the performance of the engine may decrease. In some brands, there are systems that can burn out sediment and solid layers, so if you prefer this type of filter, the filter will be used for a very long time. Of course, if you prefer a single-use filter, it will have to be replaced with a new one after its economic life. The diesel particle filter, which contributes a great deal to the protection of nature and the environment, represents a first degree mechanics that protects the living. You can reach our phone numbers every hour of the day. Warning: Particulate Filter is Full Continue to drive

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DPF Description: JMJ: JMJ1047 OE: 18307806411, 18307806413, 18307808235 Motorcode:..
Ex Tax: 4,500.00₺
Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Particulate FilterMotorcode:    C140,J300,J308,J309Vehicle Typ..
Ex Tax: 4,500.00₺
Particle Filter Cleaner 500mlAreas of application: Diesel particle filter cleaner is used to solve l..
Ex Tax: 100.00₺
DPF InformationJMJ:JMJ1218AS:FD5045QOE:44612AA670,EPSU7000TAMotorcode:EE20ZVehicle Type:Hatchback, ..
Ex Tax: 4,250.00₺
FIAT Egea 500x JEEP Renegade - 1.6 2.0 Multijet Diesel Particulate FilterNEW ORİGİNAL51980584 , 5204..
Ex Tax: 6,500.00₺
The VAREX ™ Exhaust is an exhaust system used to combine both the design of the muffler and the perf..
Ex Tax: 1,200.00₺
Chevrolet Aveo Kalos Catalytic Converter 96417179,96536865Chevrolet     Aveo Stufenhe..
Ex Tax: 2,250.00₺
Diesel Particulate Filter InformationJMJ: Euronorm: Euro5OE: 9C3Z5H221B 9C3Z5H221A Motorcode:&nb..
Ex Tax: 6,500.00₺
6527117 SKODA FABIA (542) 1.2 TDI 201005 - 201412 55 75 1199 Hat..
Ex Tax: 250.00₺



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4.2) The contract product shall be delivered to the BUYER or the person / organization indicated on the internet site for the period specified in the preliminary information, depending on the distance of the BUYER 's place of residence for each product, not exceeding the legal 30 day period.

4.3) The SELLER may supply a different product at the same price and quality to the PURCHASER without expiry of the termination obligation arising from the contract.

4.4) If the SELLER fails to fulfill the contractual obligations in case the fulfillment of the ordered product or service becomes impossible, it shall inform the consumer without fulfillment of the performance obligation arising from the contract and may supply the goods to the buyer with equal quality and quantity.

4.5) If the product is not paid for any reason or if the payment is canceled by the bank, the SELLER shall be deemed to be free from the delivery obligation of the product.


That the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract by rejecting the goods or services within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of the goods without undertaking any legal and penal responsibility and without any justification, and undertaking to take back the goods within 20 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notification to SELLER Thank you. The costs arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the PURCHASER.

The right of withdrawal must be notified to the SELLER by fax or e-mail within 7 days and used within the scope of Article 6 provisions of the product. If this right is used;

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b) Return form

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-European Exhaust, Diesel particle filter, Catalytic converter, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Particle Pressure Sensors,

Oxygen Sensors

-All kinds of Auto Parts & Accessories

-The Product Subject to Any Type of Sale


In case the DEBT is in default, DEBT will accept to pay the loss and loss of the borrower due to delayed performance of borrower.


Consumer Arbitration Committees as well as the Consumer Tribunal in the settlement place of the SELLER shall be authorized for the implementation of this Contract by the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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