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What is Regeneration of DPF?

13/06/2018 0 Comments

People living at the highest level of the negative effects of global warming are trying to rehabilitate harmful gases. What is the generation of particulate filters for diesel vehicles? The article we will try to convey to you about the subjects will give you at least an idea about the subject. The scientists working to reduce the negative effects of vehicle exhaust gases, which caused the accumulation of large amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, developed the particulate filter used in the exhausts of fossil fuel vehicles, which are the most important responsible for this negative picture. First of all, we can say that a more clean world is waiting for us as this system becomes widespread in new generation vehicles. as well as the particle filter generation should be cleaned periodically. Because if there is more accumulation in the system than it should be found in the system, there is a significant decrease in engine performance.

Failure of Particle Filter Generation May Cause Engine Damage

The fact that the natural particle filter generation is not done in a timely manner does not only negatively affect the performance of the engine, but also raises the problem of overheating of the engine. Because this mechanism in the exhaust system is contained in the fuel, carbon monoxide, sediment and other harmful substances in the filter by filtering. therefore, there is a high chance that the vehicle will burn too much in terms of fuel, as well as the engine's overheating. Therefore, it is vital that filter cleaning is not neglected.

Particulate Filter Generation Used in Diesel Vehicles

Among the fuel types, the thickest one is the fuel. Therefore, all the substances that this diesel contains when burning in the engine burns together to form a solid state leaving its liquid state. This will result in significant performance losses in the engine assembly, so particle filter generation will definitely be required. So how is the particle filter generation done? In short, let's talk about this. In order to solve these blockages, 3 methods are used. The first one is the method of cleaning out the layers inside the filter that reaches to the 700 degree temperature and the second one is the way of cleaning with the special chemicals used in this field and finally the removal of the filter and performing the cleaning process. All three methods are very successful results. The important thing here is that the time and place of the fit is cleared.

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