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Volkswagen Will Add Particle Filter To Petrol Vehicles

Author maslakdpf 10/06/2018 0 Comments

Big Blood Lost After Emissions Scene Volkswagen will add a Particulate Filter to its new petrol vehicles to compensate for this situation.



Dieselgate Volkswagen, who regulates itself after the stinginess, is going to be renewed in the gasoline vehicles in this context. With the decision Volkswagen,

He will use Particulate Filter for all turbo petrol vehicles to be released after 2017.

VW Group AR-GE manager, who plans to minimize carbon emissions in vehicles. Ulrich Eichhorn announced that the vehicles to be released will use SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Selective Catalytic Converter.

The same filtering technique as injected TSI and TFSI and diesel vehicles will be used, according to Firman, the emission will decrease by 90%. The damage to the environment is known to the vehicle which is not in good condition.
Volkwagen's particle filter plan in gasoline vehicles is not his first.

Previously, MERCEDES-BENZ made such an explanation. Following this plan of VW and Mercedes, it is expected to make such a breakthrough in other automobile companies.

The company predicts that by 2022, 7 million vehicles will use Particulate Filter.

The first model to be launched in June 2017 was the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV with a 1.4 TSI engine. And it will follow the Audi A5 model with a 2.0 TFSI engine.

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