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Catalytic Converter Removal and Damage

Author maslakdpf 25/06/2018 0 Comments

The harms of the exhaust gases emitted from vehicles are now a reality known to everyone. Among the systems developed to prevent environmental pollution, we recommend that you carefully read our article on the cancellation and loss of the catalytic converter. Because of the damage done to the nature and if the damage that the vehicle will see is considered together, removing or malfunctioning of the catalytic converter, which is an extremely important piece of hardware, will bring many problems. In addition, a legally mandatory catalytic converter is a part that must never be disassembled or canceled under normal conditions.


You can not increase the performance of the vehicle by canceling the Catalytic Converter


Unfortunately, there are some very wrong beliefs about this important piece. It is necessary to abandon this notion by those who have the idea that the catalytic converter is canceled and that the performance of the vehicle is increased, which is not scientific reality, The expression in the lower cycles will cause the vehicle to experience a huge performance loss. It is inevitable to stay in such a faulty operation that it is quite expensive to fail. That's why compensation for such an action is nothing more than a costly adventure because of pure performance. Of course, when the damage to the environment is calculated, it shows that such an application, which is actually no benefit to anyone, is carried out by people who act with stuffed information. The working principle of the catalytic converter is to burn and ignite the non-burning section of the fuel used in the engine. Therefore, when the converter does not undertake this task, unburned fuel is discharged from the exhaust and pollute the environment. This is where the legal obligation comes from.


Catalytic Converter A System Used Since 1975


Of course this piece is not a new invention. The loss of catalytic converter cancellation is, of course, not limited to the deterioration of engine performance. The cancellation of the converter, which causes the "lambda" sensors used in conjunction with the converter to be disabled in the so-called system, can cause the inefficient operation of the engine management system, which is referred to as the brain, especially by affecting the motor software in the new generation vehicles. So from what point of view this piece should not be dismantled or canceled, as long as it can not be seen. If it is not, your engine can see serious damages, performance may decrease, fuel consumption may increase.

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