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DPF Removal and Damage

13/06/2018 0 Comments

Environmentally friendly filter systems make our world more livable. Therefore, having knowledge about the removal and damage of the diesel particulate filter and acting accordingly is primarily a must for a conscious society. in;
 Pressure Pipes
 Coated Diesel Particulate Filter
 Main Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
 Pre-Catalyst
The diesel particulate filter, which consists of four main parts, is the safest way to filter some harmful substances such as poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the fuel. Following the filtration of these substances, a number of solidified deposits, such as ash, phosphorus, sulfur and sand, can be removed from the accumulated particulate filter at the same time as damage to the engine components of the vehicle.

Removal of Particulate Filter releases harmful substances to health atmospheres

Dismantling the particulate filter from the vehicles causes carbon monoxide (CO) gas, a colorless, odorless and unpleasant gas, to spread to the atmosphere and cause extreme damage to human health. There is such a violent toxic effect that even breathing for a few minutes can cause a person to die. Moreover, since the carbon monoxide gas is heavier than air, it collapses into the base and closes the way of being dispersed by the wind. Unfortunately, the only harmful substance in the fuel is not limited to carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons (HC), which have at least as much toxic effects, play an important role in cancer formation. In addition, the so-called Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) has proved to be scientifically proven that the ozone layer is also deposited.

Particulate Filter Clogging or Cancellation Reduces Engine Life

It is known that the important part was removed and canceled due to a very wrong belief. According to my belief, the diesel particulate filter of the vehicle is a completely wrong idea to try to achieve high performance in terms of speed and power. The increase in power and performance seems to be increasing with the dismantling of the part, but it is said by specialists that the motor life is shortened in medium and long term. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that with the cutting of the signals provided via the brain in the vehicles of the next generation, the engine may cause brain malfunctions with the warning signal being sent. We also have a very short reminder of the diesel particulate filter plugging. Low quality fuel causes the vehicle to run at idle for a long time, the use of the wrong specification oil, and the long-lasting condition known as stop-and-go in urban traffic, clogging the filter.

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