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What is Gasoline Particulate Filter?

Author maslakdpf 28/10/2018 0 Comments


In recent years, the diesel particle filter system (DPF) applied to new generation diesel vehicles is now available in gasoline vehicles. So, what's a gasoline particle filter? Let's look for the answers to the questions, such as the diesel particulate filter, all together. First of all we can say that the sole purpose of all particulate filters is to perform a cleaning task in order to protect the environment and nature. However, there is a false belief that it has a negative effect on fuel economy. Therefore, this misunderstanding needs to be corrected immediately. As long as maintenance and repairs are done in a timely manner, particulate filters have no negative effect on fuel consumption. For now, the diesel particulate filter fitted directly to the injection-injection turbo vehicles will be applied to all other gasoline vehicles later on.





Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) Connecting to Catalytic Converter

The gasoline particle filter (GPF), which is connected to the catalytic converter such as the diesel particulate filter, also has a regeneration system as in diesel vehicles. By using this method, harmful particles accumulated in the filter are burned and no harm to nature is made. GPF, which stands for sistemi gasoline particulate filter a, is considered to be the most important filter system that minimizes the damage caused by world fossil fuels. Although they have similar properties with the diesel particulate filter, they are actually separated from each other. If you have a vehicle with this new filter system in our country and the world? Please do not forget to save our phone numbers on your mobile phone.


Professional Services in Maintenance and Repair of Gasoline Particulate Filter

If you want to get expert support from our company which has professional services in the maintenance and repair of diesel or gasoline particle filter? Just call our phone numbers. You can contact us at any time of the day to eliminate your classical exhaust problems outside of the particle filter. We would also like to know that we aim for 100% customer satisfaction in the services we have provided, especially in the filter replacement, maintenance and repair. We are very happy to mention that we have done our work with the latest technology devices and the exact price of the error is carried out at extremely reasonable prices. Please remember to have your car's particulate filter cleaned regularly for a cleaner world. Good wishes.

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