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Particulate Filter Cleaning

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

The particulate filter accumulates soot for bad fuel, unused use of the vehicles or other mechanical reasons, and when this rate rises above a certain level, your vehicle can burn down fault lights such as engine check, dpf is fault, check engine.

This may cause serious damage to your diesel engine.

What should be done if the particle filter is full?

As the most healthy method in the first place between 2500/3000 cycles of approximately 20-25 minutes 2 or 3.viteste straight on the road, we recommend that the name of the application regeneration. When the exhaust temperature reaches 600 degrees, the particulate filter systems are heated and exhausted from the exhaust. If a certain amount of cleaning operation occurs, your fault lamp may turn off. But if this application does not work, you can search for 2 reasons. The first one is that you couldn't clean your particle filter completely.

Particulate Filter Removal Methods

 Particulate filter cleaning process is performed in many ways. The most healthy one is dpf regeneration process. The other methods are cleaning with hot water, cleaning by pressure air method, cleaning with the help of chemical drugs. cleaning applications without seeing broken or cracked is not the final result.

We disassemble the Particulate Filter ceramic and disassemble your part and do the cleaning application, and we guarantee this process. If you do not have any broken cracks in your existing particle filter ceramic, this process is guaranteed. As we import our own part, we have the appropriate options for cost.

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