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Mercedes-Benz A Series Driving Impression

Author maslakdpf 12/06/2018 0 Comments

Mercedes-Benz A Series Driving Impression


Mercedes' compact class representative, the A Series, came up with a more rational change and intelligent management systems in the fourth generation.




The A Series , the center of Mercedes ' compact class family, is now much stronger. The new design has reinforced its position against its competitors with its wider interior, more loading space, increased material qualities, increased noise isolation and increased driving dynamics.

Smart Change in Mercedes-Benz A Series

The wheelbase of the new A-Class has been increased by 30 mm. The car offers a headroom of 120 mm, a width of 16 mm, a height of 6 mm, a headroom of 9 mm on the front, 22 mm more shoulder distance on the rear, 35 mm on the rear, 36 mm more elbow distance and 7 mm on the front and 8 mm on the rear. The increase in luggage volume is 29 liters.



The change in the dimensions of the car also shows noticeable effects in the design. The appearance on the pro has also changed using a longer engine hood.

The fenders were enlarged and the sportiness increased. Using simple lines in his profile made it look more mature.The side mirrors have been moved to the top of the door for better sound comfort and viewing angles.

The fourth generation, which is shaped with sharper and distinct lines, has a hard design with a headlight and a square front grille in the series. LED lighting with dual-part stoplights enhances clarity in the rear design.


Apart from attracting the attention of the modern design of the new A-Class, it is also an aerodynamic advantage. It is claimed that the class of friction coefficient of 0.25 Cd, which is more advanced than its predecessor, is the best in its class. Technological enhancements have been utilized for this as well as the design details. The airpanel is used for the first time in compact class and it is offered to open and close on the front grill depending on the air requirement.

When we pass through the car, we realize that the modernity of the outside continues, and the sense of elegance and quality increases. The living space of the interior is noticeably enlarged. The first thing to notice is the dual digital display layout used by Mercedes in its next-generation automobiles.

In the A Series, the display group and the multimedia screen are made up of two digital screens on the same panel.As standard, there are two 7-inch displays, 7 inches and 10.25 or two 10.25 inches combinations.

The fact that you have no order in the digital dashboard has led me to think that there might be reflection problem at first sight. In the car we use in a sunny weather we have never had a problem with this. The resolution of the display and multimedia screens is also very successful.

In the navigation system, we cautioned that when the time comes to return, the front camera was switched on. The system that reflects the image on the front screen clearly marks the turn direction of this image with arrows. We can say that this innovation is also very useful.


The multimedia system can be controlled with the gear console and the touchpad on the steering wheel, as well as being able to be controlled on-screen for the first time on a Mercedes model. The manufacturer, who did not use the touchscreen system because it would affect his safety before, has developed a very advanced voice command system to overcome this security problem. This is the MBUX-Mercedes-Benz User Experience name. The first Mercedes model to use this system is the A Series. We have tested this system which is defined as artificial intelligence with Turkish commands. The "Hey Mercedes" key-activated system has a learning ability. We introduced the system "Mercedes Mercedes" into the system, run the air conditioning system, set the temperature, let the glass resistance to run. When we turn on the desired radio channel with voice command, we have reached the music in the multimedia system. The indirect way to learn about the weather is to ask the question "Should I wear a raincoat today?" The weather response at the location we are in responds to shows how advanced the system is.

The contents of the system are not limited to voice commands only.


The Mercedes me-named system allows remote sharing of car sharing. When you do not use your car, you can activate the fixed key in the car for a certain period of time and make it possible to share the car with someone you like.

When we look at the driving characteristics, we see that both the sound insulation and the driving comfort are much improved. The semi-autonomous car has active safety systems from the S-Class. We have benefited from the Active Tracking Assistant and the Active Lane Replacement Assistant, which is able to steer steering for a large portion of our driving route, protecting the distance with the vehicle in front. The steering accuracy and steering accuracy of the car is successful. When the comfort that the driver will not need is expected, he can do it to meet our dynamism.

Among the engine options of the new A-Class are the 4-cylinder petrol engine at 163 HP with 1332 cc under the A 200 model name . With this engine, cylinder closure technology is being offered. Another turbo petrol engine comes with an independent rear axle with a 2.0-liter 250. 224 HP engine. There is a torsion connection at the rear with cylinders of less than 2.0 liters capacity . Both gasoline motordated particulate filters are available. The diesel engine is alsooffered as a 1.5 liter, 120 HP to 180 HP . All three engines can offer 7G-DCT dual concept, 7-speed automatic transmission.

The car we used for the test drive had a new turbo petrol engine. The 1332 cc engine is called Mercedes 1.33.

Compatibility with the 7G-DCT engine, which is alive since the lower revs, is successful. When it is desired to move in calm, the A 200, which is as comfortable as its competence, can be attacked as fast as the desire to accelerate.

180 d and 200 is scheduled to be sold in Turkey starting this month. In general, we can say that progress in the A-Class makes an important difference. The premium compact class will get very hot.


It turns out that he works very hard for Mercedes' new A-Class. The comfort level of the car, which offers much more quality sensation than its predecessor, has also been increased. It has everything you need to be in the ambitious models of the A Class, with new engine options, enhancements and a larger living space.


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