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Catalytic Converter Faults and Symptoms

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Catalytic Converter Faults and Symptoms


When you encounter a catalytic converter faults, we can see that there is a defect in the amount of oxygen in the fuel system or in the catalytic converter. Every vehicle has its own emission software. If you see these warning lamps, we recommend that you contact your service immediately, if you see them.



Catalytic Converter Faults and Symptoms



There may be negative changes in the performance of your vehicle.

Your fuel consumption increases.

In the engine, gas may not be eaten, drowning and misfire.

You may smell unburned exhaust gas from the outlet of your vehicle.

You'il pollute the environment.

Your emission values ​​are low and you cannot inspect your vehicle.

Your ignition system and some electronic components may not work properly. There may be a flicker in the car. the smell reaches you annoying dimensions.

Description of the main warning lamps caused by the catalytic converter faults:

Under the Threshold Catalyst System Efficiency (Bank 1)

Catalytic Converter Efficiency

Oxygen Sensor Heater Bank 1,2,3,4


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